Riding in Thailand

Renting a Motorbike or Scooter in Pattaya is a very convenient and practical way for getting around Pattaya if you have the nerve and you can handle the traffic. Fully automatic Scooters are in my opinion the best bikes for getting around Pattaya. They have no clutch and there are no changing gears. The majority of scooters you will see for hire are automatics, easy with the tourists and easy to ride. Then there are the semi automatics, four or five gears but no clutch. Automatic scooters - 125-150cc, these scooters are great fun, economical and normally the cheapest to rent. The most common are Honda Clicks and Yamaha Nouvos, I recommend sticking to the established manufacturer's. Semi Automatics - Around the same cc as the autos but with gears. Used by the masses around Southeast Asia, very reliable and will take any weight without reduced performance. The things you see people carrying on these scooters, especially in Bangkok, is jaw dropping. For just commuting around id recommend the autos, but if you want to really travel around get one of these. The idea of having gears can be daunting for those who haven't ridden before, but riding these bikes can be mastered in a day.